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It is our Mission to ensure Quality and Integrity in pipeline inspection through pre-assignment evaluation as well as ongoing training and industry-related education.


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Inspection and Consulting Service, Inc.

Based out of the South Texas Region, in the heart of the Eagleford Shale

Ensuring Safety and Integrity through training and education

211 S. McCall St. Sinton,

TX 78387

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Safety and Integrity

Inspection and Consulting Service Inc. is
founded on the cumulative knowledge of
a well rounded and experienced group of
oil and gas industry professionals who
believe that every project and client
s the most important. We evaluate
and train each inspector to your
company and project specifications.
This process insures your company
receives the most qualified and
dedicated inspection team
available in the industry matched
to your specific needs.

We offer a fresh new concept
of ongoing training and
evaluation practices for all
inspectors before they are
sent to the client projects.
We pride ourselves on
pre-job evaluation and
training that ensures each
inspector has the right skill-set
matched to your project requirements.

With this continuing commitment to
providing quality professionals with
ongoing industry-specific training and
constant support, before, during and after
each assignment, we are confident that quality and safety will
be the result.

Inspection and Consulting Services is proud of our dedicated staff and personnel who are available to provide certified Operator Qualification trainer, project management, construction management, Right-of-Way acquisition, OSHA certified training, Safety personnel, Environmental Inspection and consulting, AWS Certified Welding Inspection, NACE Certified Inspection, Electrical and Instrumentation inspection, NDE Auditing, Weld Mapping, and Trained Utility Inspection for construction of Pipelines, Compressor stations, Meter stations, and all related facilities.

And, the same outstanding Operations Qualification training we provide our inspection team can be custom tailored for your on-staff key personnel as well.  We can design a program to fit your workplace
OQ needs.

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